We Buy Any House

Regardless of the size, type, location or condition of your home, if you want to sell it, we want to buy it. It really is that simple. While many home buying companies will take many weeks examining every little aspect of a property before they decide whether or not to part with their cash, we don’t do things that way.

We can say yes to all residential properties we are offered and will give a quote to any home owner that calls us.

How can we afford to buy any home?

At Quick House Buyer, we do not have the same concerns as the average property purchaser. We are investment developers, with decades of experience in the property industry. We also know the property market inside and out and this has always helped us to make a firm decision quickly.

We have the resources, skills and time to restore a property should we see fit, the need for repairs will not put us off buying. It may, possibly, be a factor in the offer we make as, of course, these repairs will be coming out of our pocket. However, we will always make sure that you understand the quote we deliver and how we have calculated the price of your home with a complete breakdown.

Deciding on our offer

Years of working in the London and UK property markets has given us plenty of experience and knowledge about how to price homes. This allowed us to craft a system for calculating the price of a property in a manner that is fast and fair to all concerned. We just need to chat to you for 10 minutes to get all the relevant details regarding the home.

Then, we’ll organise and pay for a surveyor to visit at a time that is most convenient for you. This will not affect our willingness to buy – again, you’ll be guaranteed an offer no matter what – but will give us a clear picture of the current condition of your property. In many cases this allows us to increase the amount which we are able to offer you.

From there we’ll make a cash offer for the property. That’s it. There’s no hidden fees attached and no last minute clauses that might see the deal fall through. The amount we offer will be first used to clear off any mortgage payments and fees that are outstanding and then the rest will be sent straight to your bank account.

Why clients choose us?


We can turn transactions around quicker than any other home buyer. If you want to move and don’t want to waste your time, we are the experts in this area.


Unlike many of our competitors.  We strive to get as close to market value on every property we buy. Also, we are happy to talk you through our quote so you fully understand exactly why we’ve come to this number.


Years of purchasing properties in the London and UK housing market has taught us that quick sellers are looking just as much for convenience as they are for money. That’s why they don’t want to go to a regular estate agent, where they’ll be wrapped up in red tape for months waiting for the buyer to actually legally commit. We cut through all that nonsense and accelerate you through the deal from the moment you call our number.

As you can see, when we say we buy any home we mean it. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get a no obligation cash purchase quote on your property, then fill in our online form or call our number now.


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