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Sell your Hackney property fast and get cash within 7 days

Sell House Fast Hackney

Of all the London boroughs, few offer the incredible diversity of Hackney. On one hand, you have an area like Shoreditch, still one of the capital’s trendiest places to be and a mecca for young creatives and entrepreneurs. On the other, you have Clapton, a pleasant, residential zone with a quiet, suburban feel. Then you have Hackney Central itself, an area as culturally diverse as anywhere in the city.

All of this makes Hackney a very, very good place to own a home. If you have property in Hackney and wish to turn it into cash, then Quick House Buyer is here to make it happen. While a real estate agent will lock you into a process that could take months or even years to complete, our clients typically get the funds within a matter of weeks.

Sound good? Then consider the following.

The easiest process

All you need to do to get an estimate from Quick House Buyer is fill in the online form and wait for our call. After taking a few details, our expert will come up with an estimate and get it back to you within 24 hours. It’s that simple!

We buy every home

At Quick House Buyer, we guarantee to make a cash offer on every home in Hackney. It doesn’t matter the size or age of your house, or what state of repair it’s in – we will make an offer.

The process moves fast

The reason that we can move so quickly through what is usually a lengthy process is that we already have the capital to buy your home. We don’t need to waste time accumulating the cash to make the offer – it’s right now in our account, waiting to be used to make purchases.

The price is always right

Though prices vary from property to property, we operate by a strict code of ethics and always aim to make a deal as close to market value as possible. Generally, we can get you 85% of the market value of your house ASAP.

So, what are you waiting for? To get a no obligation offer on your Hackney home, get in touch with Quick House Buyer today.

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