About Us

Quick House Buyer is one of the UK’s most popular services for property owners who want to sell their houses with the minimum of stress. We’ve helped hundreds of families over the years who, for whatever reason, wished to avoid the risk of drawn out hassles and pitfalls usually associated with changing home in the UK.

What makes us different from other companies that offer to buy your home fast is that we keep our clients at the centre of everything we do. We hate the anonymous, impersonal way that estate agents so often go about their business. Instead, we make sure that, at every step of the process, the seller is put in the driving seat, getting a price they are happy with, getting the legal advice they require and been offered a moving date that suits their schedule – all in the soonest possible time span.

Also, when clients come to Quick House Buyer, they avoid the common risks involved in trying to sell a home, from your mortgage falling into arrears to being passed into a property chain to being hit with unexpected legal fees and more.

It is this commitment to our customers that marks Quick House Buyer out from the pack in the UK property market.


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