Do you have a question for Quick House Buyer? Chances are, the answer’s here. If not, feel free to ask us over the phone.

How do you work out how much my house is worth?

We’re experts in valuing flats and house in the property market. Over the many years we have been buying and selling homes throughout the UK, we’ve developed a sophisticated system for accurately deciding on a value of any property.

How quickly can you deliver a quote?

Our whole service is set up to ensure you get a good price in the soonest possible time. It takes only one working day from your initial contact with Quick House Buyer for us to come back to you with an offer of cash for your home.

How fast can the deal go through if I say ‘yes’?

We understand that the main reason you’ve come to Quick House Buyer is to sell your house fast, so we pull out all the stops to do the deal ASAP. Usually it should take two weeks or less from the moment you accept the offer for us to rush through the legal requirements, repay any outstanding mortgage fees and deposit the rest of the cash in your account. In some urgent cases, we can speed up the entire transaction to a matter of days.

Are there properties that you won’t buy?

No. Regardless of the type, size, location, state of repair or age of a home, we are happy to give a no obligation quote for its fast purchase.

Who handles the legal fees and survey fees?

Quick House Buyer will pay for all the solicitors and legal representation needed for the entire transaction. We’ll also handle the survey fees plus the valuation fees.

Will I have to go through a lot of paperwork and red tape?

Thankfully, no. Our system is setup to keep all of the tiresome, time consuming paperwork to a bare minimum. Of course, given the nature of the transaction, some forms will need to be filled in, but the solicitors we pay for will be happy to talk you through them all so you can get it finished fast and with zero stress. And, of course, if you prefer to take your time over filling it all in, then that is totally fine too – we won’t put any pressure on you to rush through the sale if you want to take it slower.


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