Sell House Fast Kent

  Cash in your account within 7 days
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  No estate agents involved
  90% of your property value

Sell your Kent property fast and get cash within 7 days

Sell House Fast Kent

There truly are few better places in the UK to own a home than Kent. This gorgeous county is close enough to London for an easy commute into the city but is filled with idyllic country towns with extremely high quality of life, such as Tonbridge, Ashford and Sevenoaks.

Should you be lucky enough to own a home in these or any of Kent’s other villages and towns, you will already know that your property has value. If you are looking to make the most of that value in the quickest possible time, then Quick House Buyer is here to help.

We specialise in helping owners who want to sell fast get excellent prices on their homes. With a large amount of capital in reserve at all times, we never turn down any property that is offered to us. In fact, we guarantee to make a cash offer to any home owner in Kent who is looking to sell.
Sell it now

While a real estate agent will lock you into a long, frustrating and complex process in order to sell your home, Quick House Buyer can wrap the entire deal up and get the cash in your account in just a few short steps.

Get in touch

The first thing to do is fill in the online form and send it off to us. We’ll be back in touch shortly to take a few key details and, within 24 hours, deliver an estimate. It’s really that simple to get the ball rolling.

A cash offer

If you like our quote, we’ll set up an appointment with a surveyor (at our expense) to check your property. Based on their findings, we’ll then formulate a final cash offer. Once again, there’s no obligation on you at this point. You can take or leave our price – it’s completely your call.

Get the money

Once you’ve decided upon your moving out date, we deposit the cash in your account (minus outstanding mortgage payments and fees).
Making quick cash off your residential property really is that easy with Quick House Buyer. Fill out the form today and find out more.