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Sell your property fast with Quick House Buyer!

There are several reasons why Quick House Buyer is one of London’ and the UK’s most consistently popular services for people who want to sell a house fast. Here are just a few.

We have the funds to buy your house

Unlike most house buyers, we don’t have to work out whether or not we are in a financial position to purchase your property. We’ve already got the capital on hand to purchase it. This means no delays over the decision. We’re ready to buy once you’re ready to sell.

We can buy all types of properties

While some companies might make this promise, few genuinely deliver. Quick House Buyer are different. When we say we offer cash for any residential home owner looking to sell their property, that’s exactly what we mean. Regardless of the location, condition, size or history of your property, we are happy to make an offer on it. As expert investors and developers we have the resources and skills in house so are interested in all houses within the UK.

A rapid response and a quick quote

We use a highly sophisticated but very speedy system to work out out a fair price on your property. It will take into account all the key factors, including the neighbourhood, required repairs and age of the property. We have the experience to get through the process in a matter of hours and so can respond to you with a quote in double quick time.

No hidden charges, no legal fees

The cash offer we make comes with no strings attached. We use it to pay off whatever mortgage repayments and fees you might have outstanding and then the rest is despotised in your account. All other costs are on us, whether they are our valuation fees, agency fees, legal or solicitor fees, you do not spend a penny as we cover them all.

It’s your decision from start to finish

What our clients most enjoy about dealing with Quick House Buyer is that we give them complete control over the whole process. The quote comes with no obligation and, if you take it, we give complete flexibility as to when you move out of the house. In others words – Quick House Buyer takes all the pressure and stress out of selling a property.

We cover London and the following areas

Are you looking for a quick sale and hassle-free solution to selling your property?

Every day, Quick House Buyer helps people across the UK to sell their houses fast. Using our secure and rapid service, we accelerate the usually time consuming process of bringing a property to market. Often turning around the entire procedure in a matter of weeks. Most importantly, the seller gets a hefty cash deposit and can move on with their lives in the swiftest possible time.

There are many reasons why you may wish to offload your property quickly. You might be looking to move location and not want to be tied down to your current residence. You may have recently experienced a serious change in your living situation that requires you to move without delay. Or you may be behind on your mortgage repayments and be hoping to get rid of your property fast before mounting debts become a serious issue and affect your credit rating.

Whatever the reason, we believe every seller deserves a fair price. That’s why we use a sophisticated property pricing system that takes into account location, amenities, size and many other key factors to come up with an offer of cash for your house. Once we make it, it’s entirely up to you what happens next. You are under no obligation to take it but, if you do, rest assured that we’ll pull out all the stops to ensure the transaction is completed professionally and without delay.


Sell your house fast in 3 simple steps

Our team of advisors are waiting to give you a quote on your property. Getting in touch with them could not be simpler. All you have to do is fill in the simple online form right here on our website. Once you've sent it off to us, we'll give you a ring back shortly (usually within 10 minutes) to chat about your property.

After that, we use our expertise in the property market to calculate the best price for your property and get back in contact within the next 24 hours to formally make you an offer. From here, the ball is entirely in your court. If you say no and decide to take your chances elsewhere we do not pressurise you into selling or pester you with calls. When you say yes to our offer we can move quickly on to the next step in the process.

We'll organize a visit to your property from a totally independent surveyor, accredited by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), the professional body that provides impartial advice to home buyers and sellers. Don't worry - we will make sure that the visit happens on a date and at a time that suits your schedule, rather than expecting you to adapt to ours. While we can organise it extremely quickly through our in-house team of home valuers, we are happy to take things at your pace if you wish to move slower.

Once this has been completed we will contact you with a more formal offer for you to review. Our offers are always consistently higher than any of our competitors in the fast house buying market, and we strive to give every client a great deal on their property. Again, the decision here is all yours. Again there is still no obligation for you to accept the amount we have offered to buy your property from you.

Quick House Buyer then organises all the important legal work needed to complete the transaction. If you are concerned about the legal requirements causing the sale to drag on, don't worry. Our solicitors specialise in doing everything needed to sell a house quickly and never drag their heels when it comes to making the deal official. While the average estate agent can take anything from 4 to 8 months to actually complete on a sale, we usually complete the whole process from start to finish within only 2 weeks.

Once all of that is out of the way, you just need to give us your moving out date. Once again, this is totally up to you. We are happy to take the house off your hands right away, though are flexible enough to wait a little while if you would like to stay on in the property for a little longer as you plan your next move.

As you can see, from start to finish, dealing with Quick House Buyer could not be easier. So, if you want to sell your home fast and want to be paid cash with a minimum of stress, minimum of red tape and a minimum of delays from "unforeseen" issues, get in touch today! We're here to get you a fair fast deal on your property.

We believe in responsible property buying

Unfortunately, there are many companies in the UK that advertise themselves as being able to buy properties quickly who are not up to the task. This is because they do not have the money or the ethics to give their clients a fair price. Often they will try to lower the purchase price at the last minute leaving the seller with little options due to their current situation. Or they may add fees in at the last minute or even pull out of the deal halfway through. We do not do this.

Quick House Buyer operates by a strict code of ethics. While every house or flat is different, we strive to give each seller an offer that is in the region of 85 to 90% of market value. This is an excellent amount in comparison to our competitors. We only work with solicitors and surveyors who are trustworthy and with whom we have been dealing for many, many years.

Plus we make sure our clients are comfortable and unpressured from the start to the end of the transaction.

Common problem of selling a home

If you’ve ever dealt with a real estate agent when selling a property, you’ll know that it is rarely plain sailing. As well as the mountains of red tape that stands between you and the sale, you are commonly faced with high fees, costs and charges that eat away at your money. Plus there is the time that you have to put in, preparing for and hosting viewings, often for potential ‘buyers’ who never actually make an offer.

Consider all the money that people commonly waste in the hope of getting a better asking price for on their home. Costs plus time spent on refurbishments, refurbishments and more. It can all add up to a time consuming headache. To avoid these issues and still get a great price for your home, then Quick House Buyer is the company to call.

What some of our customers have said

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We inherited a three bedroom house which we were unable to offload untill we dealt with Quick House Buyer

James Penfold

Putney - London

We received cash in our accounts within 7 days of calling

Anthony Fenwick

Croydon - Surrey

Quick House Buyer made the process of selling our property a swift and easy process

Katerina Murphy

Wembley - London

Quick process and would recommend Quick House Buyer if you need a fast sell

Shaun Cofey

Stratford - London

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